From Whence Cometh Thou?
Criminal Justice, Norway Style

Breivik is in court for the mass murder that he committed in July of last year.

An excerpt from the AJE article is below, something that is unfathomable in the US criminal justice system.

If convicted, the 33-year-old faces a 21-year sentence that could be extended indefinitely if he is still considered a threat to society. If deemed to be insane he would face closed psychiatric care, possibly for life.”

There’s a great FP photo essay that shows the condition of the “maximum security” prisons in Norway.

Inside the prison

Maybe it’s time to emphasize rehabilitation as a goal of the criminal justice system rather than punishment. Maybe it’s time to restore the humanity to those who have turned to committing the most inhumane crimes. Or does engaging those that have turned to inhumane acts, such as Brevik, show us a reflection of the darkest and most inhumane within us, which we would rather lock up and throw the key away or simply vanish from our sight and thought so that we ourselves aren’t reminded of the the inhumane within us; someone that looks like Breivik, acts like Breivik, and thinks like Breivik.